USIS Group introduces opportunities in US, Australia, and Canada

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The business opportunities in the United States, Australia, and Canada have caught the eyes of many Vietnamese investors at the dialogue between experts from USIS Group and Vietnamese businessmen.

USIS Group on November 26 has brought about many highly experienced experts to Vietnam to join a dialogue about opportunities for Vietnamese businesses who want to live and do business in these countries.

This dialogue was themed “Global Business and Investment” held by USIS Groups and was chaired by Investors Club, CEO Club, 2030 Club, and supported by media agencies including VIR. The event featured presentations by a range of experts, including Prof. Ha Ton Vinh, chairman of Stellar Management, Duong Tan Phong, financial director of the American International Hospital, Tung Nguyen, director of AIBC, and Le Phung Hao, deputy chairman of Investors Club.

Experts have shared their experiences and provided a safe and easy solution for Vietnamese investors to invest, trade, and learn in the US, Canada, and Australia

According to Le Phung Hao, deputy chairman of Investors Club, Vietnam plays an increasingly important role in international economic integration, thus investing abroad, especially in countries which have signed free trade agreements ​(FTAs) with Vietnam such as the US, Australia, and Canada will bring many opportunities for doing business.

“Vietnam has so far officially signed 13 FTAs while several others are under negotiation. FTAs will contribute to pushing up trade and investment between Vietnam and other countries and Vietnamese enterprises should take these opportunities to invest abroad,” Hao said.

According to Vinh, opportunities in the US are available, however, Vietnamese investors must learn how to do business there successfully.

“You must have financial sources, know-how, long-term investment strategy, and especially, you must have a detailed business plan and be different from others,” Vinh said.

In addition, the digital revolution is taking place globally, transforming society and economy entirely. The Vietnamese economy is integrating deeper into the world economy, which has brought many new opportunities and options for Vietnamese people to start their own businesses, seek out new business opportunities, as well as reach out to the world.

“Vietnamese businessmen develop their business and investment on a global scale, they will be able to take advantage of the many incentives available in the host country, not only tax and investment incentives but also immigration, educational, and medical benefits,” said Hao.

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